The other day I was talking with John Burgstiner, of Logos Nutritionals, about his protein line called Renaissance Activated Whey. I wondered what does “activated” mean? Why the word “Renaissance” for a protein mix? What is “rejuvenase” and why should I be excited about it? This is what he said:

Logos Nutritionals has such a high standard for their products, that they resisted putting a protein supplement on the market for a very long time. Although they recognized the need for a good protein supplement as part of a healthy diet, no one had yet created a protein powder that could easily be digested. Thus the protein market is saturated with products that are not effectively absorbable and therefore can often cause discomfort, bloating and gas, and require massive amounts to make up for all the unusable protein.

John challenged his manufacturer to find a solution, and after thorough research and testing, they finally did it! They created a new product called Rejuvenase that adds digestive enzymes to the protein mixture, making it up to 3 x’s more absorbable by the body, giving you up to 55% more amino acids in your bloodstream. That’s a huge improvement! What this means is that you can take less and get more out of this protein than anything else on the market.

The name Renaissance was given to this product because, like the Age of Enlightenment, it is a breakthrough in the protein supplement market. Renaissance Activated Whey is available in vanilla or chocolate powder. Logos kept it simple in its form so that it would be versatile for each person’s diet preference. John likes the vanilla mixed in his fruit smoothie/shake. I like the chocolate mixed with water/half and half and a couple of raw eggs. I’m a little weird though 🙂

I use the Renaissance Activated Whey Protein as part of my daily health regiment with the Kestasis phase 3 maintenance program. On Days when I am working out, I also add the L-glutamine and Nitro Complex Supplements to my diet as a perfect muscle building stack. I recommend you try it today and use the Family and Friends coupon code for 10% off any item not already on sale. Money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

God bless,