Ok, so today We are excited about several things!!!! 1. Two sweet trips coming up. Bear Creek in Lakewood again for some more summer fun close to home and then Lake Powell!!! It seems like everyone has been to Lake Powell except us. We are finally going and for two epic weeks at Lone Rock Beach. In an effort to make our stay not quite as boiling hot, at least inside the RV, we are adding (2) more Trojan T-105’s which will boost our current bank of batteries by 450 amp hours and the potential of 5600 additional watt hours. We are also adding a 2500 watt inverter so that our battery bank can be used to power up whatever we 120 V needs we have inside the RV while we are boon docking and not connected to any land power. We will see how well our 5 batteries (four 6 volt deep cell golf cart batteries and one stock 12V deep cell battery), inverter and solar panel keep up with the draw of 24/7 AC, lights at night and charging stations for phones and computers during the day. This is going to be FUN! We are also excited to be adding L-Glutamine, Nitro Complex, Renaissance Activate Whey Protein and Ubinol CoQ10 to our diets to help our bodies recover from time in the sun and a lot of Stand Up Paddle boarding. These 4 supplements are all by Logos Nutritionals, the same company that helped me beat Chronic Fatigue almost 20 years ago. Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee! Look out summer vacation! Here we come!