Wellness Protocol – Convenient Daily Packs – One Month Supply


The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is everything in one convenient daily dose packaging to build your immune system and restore your bodies bio-terrain.



1. Dr. Carl Burgstiner’s Original Complete Thymic Formula offers the body a comprehensive and wholesome foundation of food-based nutritional support while making available factors that are known to nourish and balance immune function.
2. Essential Digestion is designed to boost depleted enzyme levels in the body, restoring the efficiency of the digestive process and reducing inflammation, the primary source of many degenerative disease symptoms.
3. Essential Flora delivers 16 different strains (15 billion live cells per capsule guaranteed) of the most effective and well-researched beneficial microorganisms needed by the human body. Probiotic strains have been associated with lower serum cholesterol levels, eradicating chronic bowel disease, relieving allergies and food sensitivities, and fighting off chronic systemic yeast infections.
4. Liver C/S Plus is a synergistic blend of herbs and nutrients designed to cleanse and support the liver and other digestive organs, helping to promote detoxification pathways in the body. No other liver formulation available combines the ancient knowledge of traditional, Chinese, and Ayurvedic liver herbs together with the unique restorative power of liver glandular extract.
5. Essential Omegas is a state-of-the-art blend of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids from cold expeller-pressed flax and borage oils and molecularly distilled fish oil. Taking Essential Omegas is a safe, effective and convenient way to reverse the deadly omega 3/6 ratio that is so prevalent in the western diet.
6. MagnifiCal is a revolutionary mineral and herbal complex that is designed to enhance the absorption and appropriate utilization of calcium that is Alreadyin the body, driving calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone.

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2 reviews for Wellness Protocol – Convenient Daily Packs – One Month Supply

  1. TheFlyingWeen1

    Betty L. – Houston Tx
    Thank you for these wonderful products.
    I am so happy with your products and would not ever consider not ordering them. They do help me have the best in life for my health along with organic foods. Thank you for these wonderful products.

  2. TheFlyingWeen1

    Mike H. – Grovetown GA
    Best products around!
    Congrats on 15 years of great service and going beyond the call of duty. Thanks John for all you do for me and everyone else. You are a blessing.

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