Colon Pro Health – Daily Fiber Cleanse


Maintain Regularity and Intestinal Health With Our Daily Fiber Cleanse
Colon Pro Health is a gentle maintenance fiber cleanse designed to help remove the buildup of waste in the intestinal tract and maintain regularity while stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation.



Colon Pro Health is a convenient way to boost your fiber intake. Included are ingredients to help maintain regularity, absorptive agents for toxins in the intestinal tract, intestinal scrubbers, probiotics and soothing agents for the intestinal lining. This product may be taken on a daily regimen for as long as desired.

Daily Fiber is Absolutely Foundational to Your Health!

For many years products containing psyllium and other soluble fibers have been used to increase fecal bulk and loosen stools as ways of treating constipation, but the many health benefits of fiber are often overlooked in western cultures. Soluble fiber reduces the absorption of blood cholesterol and bile acids from the intestine and that in turn lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Soluble fiber can also help you get to (or stay at) a healthy weight by keeping you feeling full without adding many calories to your diet.

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