Today is Wednesday, June 13th 2018. Wow! It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago my health was in pretty bad shape. At age 23 I was still suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and trying desperately to find something that would help me get my energy back. I first started noticing energy issues in high school but thought it must be hormone issues, something that would pass as I got older and more mature. By my senior year, I had to get special permission from the principle to drop half my classes so that I could make it through the final semester. Luckily I had been an over achiever before the energy crisis hit and I was going to be fine on credits and GPA.

The next several years were very discouraging as I waffled between working part time and going to school part time. No matter how much I slept, it didn’t seem to help and I was getting very frustrated and depressed. I couldn’t believe that I was suppose to be in the “prime of my life”, but I could barely get out of bed. I was motivated, but didn’t have the energy to do the things I wanted to do. I slowly completed college and worked part time over the next several years. One day, when visiting friends in Seattle, WA I found something and someone that could help.

While in Washington State, I visited a Naturopathic Doctor who used Logos Nutritionals multi-vitamin/immune system booster “The Complete Thymic Formula” as part of his protocol for people with lowered immune systems and Chronic Fatigue. My health started to get better in waves. However, I also noticed that as many symptoms cleared, I still had major sinus issues that the ND couldn’t help me with. On a whim, I called the only other person I could think of, the one that had helped me with his product, The Complete Thymic Formula.

John Burgstiner happened to answer the phone that day. I couldn’t believe that the owner of the company would take the time to listen to my story and also offer the advice that was the final step into restoring my youthful vibrance and normal energy levels. As I discovered, in talking with John, I had developed Fungal Sinusitis several years ago from living in a house that had black mold. Once my family discovered the black mold, we moved. Unfortunately the damage had been done, and the fungus had grown in my sinus cavity over the years causing my Chronic Fatigue.

John gave me some advice on how to eradicate the fungus through nasal cleansing with oil of oregano and a saline solution. He also recommended I add olive leaf extract pills combined with his Complete Thymic formula. I just had to give it time, but It worked!

Once I killed the fungus and strengthened my immune system, my energy slowly but surely came back. Within 18 months, I was restored to my natural health and was able to live a very full life and continue to do so today. I have seen the benefits of taking Logos Nutritional supplements consistently, and today I am currently on the maintenance protocol for their Kestasis program and I’m feeling great…even for 43! In fact, The Queen and The Ween and I are planning an RV trip for the next two weeks at Bear Creek Lake and where we will SUP every day!