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Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

You Make 50 years together look good!

Febuary 1st, 1969 – your lives changed forever when you said “I do” in front of family and friends.  50 years later, your changed lives have changed even more lives with your testimony and example of love and faithfulness to each other.

Words can’t express how much you have blessed those around you, especially your kids.  We love you and thank you for making 50 years together look so good!

Love your love – Jachin

The Flying Ween goes to a stone show and other adventures

The Flying Ween goes to a stone show and other adventures

Food For Thought – Eliminating Childhood Hunger in Denver, One student at a time

Food For Thought – Eliminating Childhood Hunger in Denver, One student at a time

Childhood hunger in Denver is a problem

Dec 3, 2018 | Denver, CO


As many of you know, Lauren is an elementary school nurse for DPS and works at a charter school called University Prep.  One campus in Downtown Denver (24th and Arapahoe) and another off 32nd and Steele.

University prepFood for thought

90% or more of her two school populations qualify for free or reduced lunch at school…to qualify you have to show an income of $29K or lower for a family of at least four…

Which means these schools are serving the poorest of the poor in Denver.  Many of these children don’t get to eat on the weekend because they don’t have the money for food.  Some of them are homeless as well.  Enter Food For Thought.  Food For Thought has made it their mission to defeat childhood hunger in Denver. 

They started only 7 years ago and have given over 2.4 MILLION meals away!  That is impressive, but what is really really impressive is that they have done it all with volunteers.  No paid staff!  No one is making money off this… the only people benefiting are the families in need.  Even the board is all volunteer and they cover the administrative costs.  Pretty awesome.  One Power Sack delivered every other Friday to the kids at their schools, can feed a family of four, two extra meals.  

Lauren reached out to Food for Thought with the hopes that her schools could possibly get on the list.  Within only 4 weeks, FFT had raised enough money to add BOTH her schools to their list and the kiddo’s received their first Power Sacks just in time for the long Thanksgiving week holiday.  That’s over 700 kids affected and hundreds of families added to the growing number that FFT serves! 

I was lucky enough to be able to help hand out some of the Power Sacks with Lauren on Friday, November 23rd, and to see the look on the faces of the kids and also their parents…nothing can describe it. 

It is such a small gesture, a Power Sack of food, but it takes a lot of work to make it happen for so many Denver schools and has a huge impact on the lives of children and their families.  Thank you Food For Thought and thank you Lauren for giving so much to the people around you. 

If you are interested in learning more about University Prep  Denver Charter School (with a driven philosophy that “College starts in Kindergarten”) or Food For Thought Denver, follow the links at the top of this post.   


Favorite moments over the          past 10 months of RVing

Favorite moments over the past 10 months of RVing

Lauren is driving us out of the packed Down Town Denver streets…first time driving the RV!  We are more than a little excited…and ready for our first adventure in the RV.  Santa Fe Skies RV park is our first stop!

The three of us leaving Denver on our first RV trip to Santa Fe and then Sedona
Beaded and ready for the Santa Fe and Sedona Experience

Santa Fe Skies RV park.  We stayed here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I think we watched Titanic and cried  lol.  It was a bit chilly and windy at night, but the desert landscape was raw and beautiful, especially at sunset.  The owner makes his own sculptures and spreads them throughout the park.  The one pictured below was right next to us and has been a popular pic on google.

After Santa Fe for Christmas, we started making our way to Sedona, but made a pit stop in Meteor Crater outside Flagstaff for the night. 

Sedona!  We finally made it!  I thought I was going to break the RV AND the truck getting to this boondocking (off grid, no electric, no water) location that Lauren “found” online. The isolation and the views were so worth it!

After Sedona, we went back to Santa Fe Skies RV park before heading home to good ol Denver, CO.  This trip definitely confirmed for us that this is the life we want to live, tiny travel house style.  Until we can do it full time though, we are taking every chance we get to explore CO too.  Next trip was to Bear Creek and Chatfield Reservoirs for several weeks in the summer of 2018 where we could be close to Lauren’s camp for special needs kiddos – Camp Paha in Lakewood, CO

After Camp Paha, we decided to make our first RV trip to Lake Powell and Back!  We had two weeks to get as much in as possible before Lauren started school again. 

We stayed so many places on the way there and back!  In order:  Ballard RV Park in Thompson, UT.  Lone Rock on the edge of a bluff –  Big Water, Lake Powell, UT.   Sand Island Campground in Bluff, UT.  Vallecito, Durango, CO.  Dillon Reservoir, Summit County, CO.  

We were jonesing to get back out on the road again after being home from the last adventure, so we decided to try out Horse Tooth Reservoir  and Carter Lake near Ft. Collins, for two separate weekends before the RV summer camping season was over for us.  Excited to visit both these Reservoir’s next summer for some extended time.  

We have started planning our next adventure for Lauren’s Christmas break.  We get two and a half weeks this year!  Hoping to meet up with her sister Jordan and her family while in AZ again. Lake Mead and Havasu are in the mix and maybe a return to Sedona and Santa Fe on the way back?  We will see where the winds lead us on the next adventure!

Upcoming Trips and Energy Boosting Supplements

Ok, so today We are excited about several things!!!! 1. Two sweet trips coming up. Bear Creek in Lakewood again for some more summer fun close to home and then Lake Powell!!! It seems like everyone has been to Lake Powell except us. We are finally going and for two epic weeks at Lone Rock Beach. In an effort to make our stay not quite as boiling hot, at least inside the RV, we are adding (2) more Trojan T-105’s which will boost our current bank of batteries by 450 amp hours and the potential of 5600 additional watt hours. We are also adding a 2500 watt inverter so that our battery bank can be used to power up whatever we 120 V needs we have inside the RV while we are boon docking and not connected to any land power. We will see how well our 5 batteries (four 6 volt deep cell golf cart batteries and one stock 12V deep cell battery), inverter and solar panel keep up with the draw of 24/7 AC, lights at night and charging stations for phones and computers during the day. This is going to be FUN! We are also excited to be adding L-Glutamine, Nitro Complex, Renaissance Activate Whey Protein and Ubinol CoQ10 to our diets to help our bodies recover from time in the sun and a lot of Stand Up Paddle boarding. These 4 supplements are all by Logos Nutritionals, the same company that helped me beat Chronic Fatigue almost 20 years ago. Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee! Look out summer vacation! Here we come!

What is Renaissance Protein?

The other day I was talking with John Burgstiner, of Logos Nutritionals, about his protein line called Renaissance Activated Whey. I wondered what does “activated” mean? Why the word “Renaissance” for a protein mix? What is “rejuvenase” and why should I be excited about it? This is what he said:

Logos Nutritionals has such a high standard for their products, that they resisted putting a protein supplement on the market for a very long time. Although they recognized the need for a good protein supplement as part of a healthy diet, no one had yet created a protein powder that could easily be digested. Thus the protein market is saturated with products that are not effectively absorbable and therefore can often cause discomfort, bloating and gas, and require massive amounts to make up for all the unusable protein.

John challenged his manufacturer to find a solution, and after thorough research and testing, they finally did it! They created a new product called Rejuvenase that adds digestive enzymes to the protein mixture, making it up to 3 x’s more absorbable by the body, giving you up to 55% more amino acids in your bloodstream. That’s a huge improvement! What this means is that you can take less and get more out of this protein than anything else on the market.

The name Renaissance was given to this product because, like the Age of Enlightenment, it is a breakthrough in the protein supplement market. Renaissance Activated Whey is available in vanilla or chocolate powder. Logos kept it simple in its form so that it would be versatile for each person’s diet preference. John likes the vanilla mixed in his fruit smoothie/shake. I like the chocolate mixed with water/half and half and a couple of raw eggs. I’m a little weird though 🙂

I use the Renaissance Activated Whey Protein as part of my daily health regiment with the Kestasis phase 3 maintenance program. On Days when I am working out, I also add the L-glutamine and Nitro Complex Supplements to my diet as a perfect muscle building stack. I recommend you try it today and use the Family and Friends coupon code for 10% off any item not already on sale. Money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

God bless,

Blog from Bear Creek Lake – Finding Passionate Work

Blog from Bear Creek Lake – Finding Passionate Work

What "Works"...

Feeling Super Blessed… I’m writing today from Bear Creek Lake in Lakewood, CO. This lake and attached city parkland are surrounded by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the view is wonderfully serene. The sound of birds calling to each other and the peaceful whispering of the wind is something I could definitely get used to…breath in, breath out… In light of this contemplative space, I thought I would share an inspiring quote that is helping shape my new “work” zone. Wes Moore, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey said that when he was younger a mentor advised him concerning a job choice that he was not passionate about, “…the MOMENT that you feel that you can leave that place, leave. Because EVERY moment you stay longer, you will become extraordinarily ordinary…” What a beautiful reaction to the soul’s need to find its passion and pursuit in this world and how important it is for the soul to find it. Important for both the individual soul and the souls of those it affects through its passionate work. From Bear Creek Lake – The King & The Queen & The Ween

My Health Story

Today is Wednesday, June 13th 2018. Wow! It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago my health was in pretty bad shape. At age 23 I was still suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and trying desperately to find something that would help me get my energy back. I first started noticing energy issues in high school but thought it must be hormone issues, something that would pass as I got older and more mature. By my senior year, I had to get special permission from the principle to drop half my classes so that I could make it through the final semester. Luckily I had been an over achiever before the energy crisis hit and I was going to be fine on credits and GPA.

The next several years were very discouraging as I waffled between working part time and going to school part time. No matter how much I slept, it didn’t seem to help and I was getting very frustrated and depressed. I couldn’t believe that I was suppose to be in the “prime of my life”, but I could barely get out of bed. I was motivated, but didn’t have the energy to do the things I wanted to do. I slowly completed college and worked part time over the next several years. One day, when visiting friends in Seattle, WA I found something and someone that could help.

While in Washington State, I visited a Naturopathic Doctor who used Logos Nutritionals multi-vitamin/immune system booster “The Complete Thymic Formula” as part of his protocol for people with lowered immune systems and Chronic Fatigue. My health started to get better in waves. However, I also noticed that as many symptoms cleared, I still had major sinus issues that the ND couldn’t help me with. On a whim, I called the only other person I could think of, the one that had helped me with his product, The Complete Thymic Formula.

John Burgstiner happened to answer the phone that day. I couldn’t believe that the owner of the company would take the time to listen to my story and also offer the advice that was the final step into restoring my youthful vibrance and normal energy levels. As I discovered, in talking with John, I had developed Fungal Sinusitis several years ago from living in a house that had black mold. Once my family discovered the black mold, we moved. Unfortunately the damage had been done, and the fungus had grown in my sinus cavity over the years causing my Chronic Fatigue.

John gave me some advice on how to eradicate the fungus through nasal cleansing with oil of oregano and a saline solution. He also recommended I add olive leaf extract pills combined with his Complete Thymic formula. I just had to give it time, but It worked!

Once I killed the fungus and strengthened my immune system, my energy slowly but surely came back. Within 18 months, I was restored to my natural health and was able to live a very full life and continue to do so today. I have seen the benefits of taking Logos Nutritional supplements consistently, and today I am currently on the maintenance protocol for their Kestasis program and I’m feeling great…even for 43! In fact, The Queen and The Ween and I are planning an RV trip for the next two weeks at Bear Creek Lake and where we will SUP every day!