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Create a design with Lauren today that is empowering and uniquely you.

Unique Products

It started with making individualized cards for friends and family, each design made specifically to make that person feel known and loved.  Then Lauren expanded to creating unique gifts that could both inspire and empower those that received them.

Collaborative Design

Work with Lauren to create your perfect product.  Whether it’s a prayer bead necklace called a “mala”, a baby reveal candle, or a unique bowl for decorative purposes, Lauren is excited to work with you.

Prayer Bead – Mala Necklace or Bracelet

Every Prayer Bead necklace or bracelet is designed to give you the energy and aesthetic you desire.  Lauren is excited to work with you on a design that is absolutely perfect for you.  The bracelet shown in this picture was created with one of our customers for his Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.   Citrine, Appetite and Malachite stones were chosen  and placed in a collaborative design that lead  to the Gold stone and Tree of Life guru beads.   


“I love my mala.  They listened to how and where I would use it, and they matched both the color and energy of beads to my journey.  I use it while hiking or when needing to refocus my day.  They had great responsiveness too.” – Dan Randall

“I have a beautiful turquoise and coral mala bead necklace by Lauren.  The workmanship is exquisite!  Every bead is hand knotted in between and the style is elegant and will forever be in style.” – Linda Rutt

Unique Concrete Products

Lauren started experimenting with gorgeous colors and unique designs in her concrete bowl products.  The one on the left was made with the energy chakras in mind.  Every mold is unique, so every product is one of a kind.  Collaborate with Lauren on a design and color scheme that is perfect for you.

Unique Soaps, Candles and Image Transfers

Why have the same old soap, glass, candle, or art as everyone else?  Collaborate with Lauren on a unique design.  Soaps and candles can be any design or color, like the Chakra Soaps shown here, that were created for a client that wanted to cleanse their Chakra’s in a practical and symbolic way.   Lauren has also created candles with image transfers of pets or people in memorandum.  

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