About us

If every home is a kingdom, then this one has A King & A Queen & A Ween. The Flying Ween started as a dream a few years ago. We realized that we want to live the “tiny house” lifestyle and travel with our best friend Brewtus while he is still with us. The DIY crafting and the other Quality products we will be offering are just an outpouring of our passions and our delight. We hope you enjoy this journey with us and find your selves inspired as well.

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Lauren is a school nurse in Denver, CO and loves her job! She also loves to make unique crafts for family and friends.


Jachin is an Ecommerce and CRM specialist. He is passionate about all things health related and helping others become successful with their online businesses.

Brewtus Billy Bell

Brewtus will be 15 in 2019.  He loves his mom and dad and traveling in the RV.  He became a true “flying ween” on his first airplane flight to Florida this year as an Emotional Service Dog.  

Photo Bomb

We will continue to update with more photos as the adventures continue…