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Professional Grade

Over 20 years of creating Nutriceutical Grade Supplements for Doctors & Nutritionists to use with their clients. 

Commitment to Excellence

Every supplement is designed with the client’s health goals in mind, so only the highest standards are used to create each one.    

Innovative Products

Designed to work alone or synergistically with others to accomplish your health goals.  Consultations are available to explain the benefits of each product.

the Art and crafts Store

Designed to show off your uniqueness

Hand Made Prayer/Mala Bead Necklaces

Each necklace or bracelet is a collaborative effort between you and Lauren so the final product is exactly what you need to feel unique and empowered.  

Hand Made

Everything from candle reveals, shakra soaps, dandelion globes to NFL coasters and image transfers to shirts or glasses.  If you can imagine it, Lauren can make it.  

Concrete and Resin Products

Every concrete bowl and resin product is one of a kind and each one made with intention and love.  These can also be a collaboration between client and artist.  


Logos Nutritionals products (including The Complete Thymic Formula),  healed me of the Chronic Fatigue and Fungal Sinusitis I suffered under for over 15 years.  

Jachin Rutt

Entrepreneur, A King & A Queen & A Ween

Logos supplements has blessed me with the nutritional tools needed to overcome Morgellons,Lyme, and Hep C. At 63 years of age, I am free of all pharmaceuticals thanks to their incredible products. John Burgstiner and Logos clearly understands and delivers the physiological requirements for the body to overcome toxic disease and to excel!

Peter Horn

Service Coordinator of Retirement Housing Foundation

7 Week – Kestasis Program

I lost 12 pounds and over 7 inches on my body.  On this, I was sleeping better, had more energy, I wasn’t hungry much of the time, and just felt better. 

Kristopher B.

Vice President, Resolute Investments Inc.

7 Week – Kestasis Program

I started with Kestasis Phase 1,2,3, and after that I have continued with Kestasis Maintenance…I have lost a hole size on my belt, and increased full body muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Very pleased with this product and will continue its usage.    

Pete R.


I love my mala.  They listened to how and where I would use it, and they matched both the color and energy of beads to my journey.  I use it while hiking or when needing to refocus my day.  They had great responsiveness too.

Dan Randall

Pastor in MA

I have a beautiful turquoise and coral mala bead necklace by Lauren.  The workmanship is exquisite!  Every bead is hand knotted in between and the style is elegant and will forever be in style.

Linda Rutt

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